PP Woven Bags & Sacks

Offers High Strength and Durability

PP Woven Bags & Sacks

We are renowned as India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of PP Woven bags offers the export quality features such as light weight, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, tear resistance can be reused and recycled, making them a more environmentally friendly option as compared with Environmental hazards associated with polyethylene (PE) woven bags or PVC woven bags

Applications of PP Woven Bags & Sacks

Our polypropylene (PP) Woven bags are plastic woven bags are widely used as a basic packaging material in different industrial segments like agriculture, Food grain packing, Fertilizers, Cement, Retail & Shopping, Polymers, Chemicals, Textiles, Machinery not just in India but globally.


FIBC means flexible intermediate bulk containers, also known as jumbo bags, bulk bag, baffle bags or big bags. It’s made of high grade flexible PP fabric which is designed for transporting or storing bulk flow-able, powder-like products, include fertilizer, plastic granules, sand, cement and so on. Normally made of high-strength 100% virgin woven polypropylene or polyethylene material. These bags Typically comes with the holding capacity from 200kgs -2000kgs.

All-purpose Bags

These bags come in various standard sizes and thickness. These bags are mostly used as multi-purpose bags. Plain single color, transparent or with color strip but without any printing, it's able to fit most applications of agricultural and industrial packaging requests. Every seller need not their packaging materials to be printed, it makes the manufacturers or distributors possibly to stock some typical bags for prompt delivery in case their client needs them urgently.

Flour & Grain Bags

Flour & grain bags require packages to be extremely cost-effective as they are low value-added products. We offer different grades of PP woven bags to meet different customers’ quality and cost requirements. These bags are normally made of economical grade PP woven fabric. These bags are often printed with simple and basic designs or trademarks to indicate product and the manufacturer's information along with quality grades of the product.

Sugar & Salt Sacks

Sugar and salt bags are especially used for bulk sugar or salt packaging. polypropylene is the most reliable and ideal packaging material when regarding of costing and longtime serviceable product. Colored woven polypropylene bags or striped colored pp woven bags are frequently taken as sugar & salt bags. These bags are normally made of high grade PP woven fabric which offers Outstanding tensile strength and it keeps the product Hygienic and safe

Cement & Sand Bags

Sand bags are now applied in flood controlling, building material earth bags, traffic controlling etc., but when it was firstly been designed, it was for flooding defense and military applications only. With developing of woven polypropylene material, a big part of sand bags are made by various types of woven pp fabric instead of by jute. Woven Polypropylene sand bags are often manufactured in basic designs, with simple mark printed or even of plain white, dark green or black.

Construction Waste Bags

Construction waste bags are generally made from dark green or black colors of pp woven fabric. It requires the bag materials to be extremely cost saving, so most part of the waste bags are taking recycled polypropylene as raw material, and normally in thickness of 50gsm-60gsm only. This PP woven bags can be not only used as construction garbage bags, but also used for waste and residues from individuals, properties, construction and other activities

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